With Customers

In almost all Italy

Managerial Consultancy and Training in the following area:

  • Quality,
  • Environment,
  • Health and Safety at Workplaces,
  • Occupational Medicine,
  • Integrated Management Systems,
  • Management systems according to D.Lgs. 231/01,
  • Food Safety,
  • Privacy,
  • Design and provision of company training plans financed by interprofessional funds.

A company lives thanks to its Customers

We apply the standard "ISO 10002: 2015 Quality management - Customer satisfaction - integrated as one of the business processes in the quality management system, to monitor the relationship with its customers, in order to measure the effectiveness of interventions and communicative aspects, highlighting areas for improvement.

Consulting and Training: Integrated Management Systems, Quality ISO 9001, Environment ISO 14001, EMAS, Occupational Safety 81, consulting certification OHSAS 18001, Occupational Medicine, Health Surveillance, Administrative Responsibility 231, Food safety HACCP, HACCP certification 22000, Traceability chain 22005, Social Responsibility SA 8000, ISO 26000, Social Report, Information Security 27001, 17025 Laboratory Accreditation, Privacy 191, Lean Production, ISO 31000 Risk Management, Management Systems of 'Energy ISO 50001, CE marking.

Our proposal of integration among company Client and Consulenza Integrata S.r.l. It is promoted through the use and deployment of a management software that, through the customization of packages that make it up, enables companies to have an IT tool for reporting and monitoring of management systems with related regulatory requirements, roles and responsibilities , document management in place, timetable. The Software is a dynamic interface that Consulenza Integrata S.r.l. Its offers in addition to the advice and experience of our consultants.

Experiences with some clients