Certified Training Courses EN ISO 9001 by accredited certification body EA-37 Dasa Rägister SpA

A company's success is also the result of the skills of its employees gained through their experience and training.

Certified Training in the fields of:

Consulenza Integrata offers its clients a wide range of training courses for managerial, type mandatory (safety Training according to the Legislative Decree no. 81/08, food safety, etc.) And related Management Systems.
Training that can be funded through specific calls or with the use of inter-professional funds.

The courses include support materials, learning criteria, training actions assessment questionnaire, course completion certificate with its Attendance Roster.
The courses on Health and Safety in the workplace will be provided in partnership with the National joint body EFEI, which will also release its certificate.

>Integrated Consulting invests in the continuing education of its employees.

Where provided by the reference standards, courses can be enjoyed in the E-learning through a special access to our platform FAD in the way that will be explained



The management advice is expressed in different ways depending on the objectives to be achieved and the company that characterize the context in which they will operate.

4.6 Coaching: customized business training and assistance to the implementation of the acquired knowledge, aimed at the development of an employee, for his preparation to play a new role or to improve the management of the role previously held.
4.7 Tutoring: consultancy and design of contemporary training and coaching for the start and / or consolidation of new companies.
4.8 Lecturer: transfer activities of cultural knowledge, technical and behavioral.
4.9 Guide to self: training activities, aimed at enhancing elements of development or innovation or to bring out critical elements of organizational and / or procedural and suggestions of actions to remove them.

UNI 10771 Management advice definitions, classification, requirements and offer the service.

Competence Professionalism and Experience They have always been our distinctive elements

The quality management system certified by a certifying body Dasa-Rägister S.p.A