Software Integrated Management

Management and Integration: 81/08 - 18001 - 9001 - 14001 - 231/01 - SA8000

Our proposal of integration among company Client and Consulenza Integrata S.r.l. Is promoted by the use and deployment of a management software that, through the customization of packages that make it up, enables companies to have an IT tool for reporting and monitoring of management systems with related regulatory requirements, roles and responsibilities , document management in place, timetable. The Software is a dynamic interface that Consulenza Integrata S.r.l. offers in addition to the advice and experience of our consultants.

The software Vittoria is effective in planning all activities and obligations provided for by the rules, laws and management systems such as Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work 81 and OHSAS 18001, the Administrative Responsibility 231/01. Vittoria Risk Management System is a Web Oriented management thought as System for Risk Management business.

Vittoria is modular and allows a phased implementation starting from the analysis of business processes, its organizational structure, resources and equipment.

Key Issues Organization can identify risks to manage and build work flow of activities to ensure compliance with the objectives and regulations of the Organization.

As anticipated, Vittoria can be used from any location that has access to the web, which means that the organization's management system is always accessible and acceptable, although it is necessary to have the login credentials and permissions to work independently.

The software is structured in different modules, each of which allows to manage constraints, regulatory compliance and precise, in order to obtain an effective response is of type gestionale that of concrete operations. It also allows you to manage, with a timetable, all activities included in the technical specification with the possibility of "remainder" that can be received from a variety of shapes designed to control by e-mail, also for any time you want, you can print customizable reports as needed. The implementation of the modules can be absolutely gradual and planned giving priority to the needs of the organization.

There are five main modules:

These are used to identify the processes and organize their management systems.


There are also modules that comply cross, always in an integrated specific activities.

  • ERM manages the business risk
  • Form@ manages all the training of human resources and employee information
  • S@norg for the management of the monitoring healthcare
  • Picos@n useful to the management of medical records by the doctor
  • M@cok indispensable for the management of the machines, equipment and its maintenance
  • DPI management
  • Chimic@ management of safety data sheets, the chemical risk assessment and distribution of safety data sheets
  • Interferenz@ essential form for managing worksites and suppliers
  • Port@l a true enterprise portal for verticalize and see the information

Ultimately an Integrated Management Software as a customized software tool for the construction, execution, implementation, reporting and monitoring of management systems with related regulatory requirements, roles and responsibilities, document management, time schedule.

Our proposal of integration between company customer and Consulenza Integrata S.r.l.  is promoted through the use and disclosure of the Software Management