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Belmond Hotels, Hotel Cipriani Venezia

Date: 4th September 2018 - 12:49 pm

Belmond Villa Sant'Andrea, Taormina Mare

SGS, in conjunction with Belmond Health & Safety team, has developed a safety audit programme to cover their properties.
This programme is based upon SGS Hospitality Excellence Programme.
The audit will cover 3 general areas.
Food Safety Module: it covers food and beverage preparation, storage and service areas to assess the layout, infrastructure, materials used, working habits, storage methods, temperature control, holding of food, pest-control and cleanliness.
Water Safety module: Focuses on the pool facilities areas (where applicable) and on cleaning, sanitation and management practices. The pool facilities areas audit includes swimming pools, SPA pools and DRV requirements. Cleaning, sanitation and managements covers overall cleaning and use of chemicals, pool water treatment and filtration, water supply and Legionella control.
Building Safety / Housekeeping module: Focuses housekeeping for general areas, rooms, kid’s club, beach and leisure (where applicable) together with fire safety, fuel & energy safety and infrastructure.
Following areas are usually covered:
- Food Safety
Buffet area / dining area
Main kitchen / cooking area
Wash up
Storage: Cold and Dry
Garbage area
Employee facility / staff toilets
- Water Safety
Hot and Cold water
Swimming and Spa pools
Cooling towers
Storage tanks
- Building Safety (where applicable)
Public areas: reception, patron toilets and corridors mainly
Kids clubs
Rooms: bedrooms and bathrooms (on a sample basis – maximum 2 rooms of different characteristics per facility)
Laundry Rooms / Housekeeping storage facilities / Boiler room
Other specific areas in line with type of establishment e.g. recreational facilities / beach area.

A certificate of conformity and use of mark will be awarded when property achieves in the audit the following:
- 85% or higher score
- Absence of critical non conformities

 Belmond Hotels in Italy scored 100%

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