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Update on standards CEI 11-27 en 50110-1 2014

Date: 3rd April 2015 - 9:14 am

The IEC 11-27 on electrical work is the fourth edition of the same. It applies to the operations and activities of work on electrical systems, in connection therewith, and close to them and armies at all voltage levels, for the production, transmission, processing, distribution and use of electricity, fixed , mobile, permanent or temporary.
This standard provides safety requirements for work on electrical systems described above and, in particular, apply to the procedures for work and those working during construction and maintenance.
The standard applies to all electrical work and also to the non-electrical work such as construction works carried out in the vicinity of electrical systems, overhead power lines or near underground cables uninsulated or poorly insulated (see Legislative Decree 81/08 as amended).
This standard does not apply to live working on voltage systems above 1 000 V ac and 1500 V DC, treated in CEI 11-15.
The fourth edition of IEC 11-27 has a structure identical to the Standard IEC 50110-1: 2014-01 hence.
The changes from previous editions, in addition to the above, are:
a) definitions for those responsible for the electrical and the work carried out on them;
b) definitions of electrical work and working non-electric;
c) safety requirements for ordinary people (PEC) that perform work of non-electrical;
d) working distance under tension (DL) on the low voltage that is zeroed;
e) revision and addition of forms related to electrical work and non-electric;
f) express declaration of non-applicability of the working distance (Dw) of CEI EN 61936-1.
To take into account the definitions contained in Legislative Decree no. 81/2008, in this standard has introduced distance DA9 concerning the work non-electric. It was agreed, however, a better definition of electrical work: are defined all electrical work done below the distance DV, regardless of their nature. It is pointed out that this definition did not alter in any way the essential body of the rule is, above all, of working procedures.
It should draw attention to the new definition and in particular to those 3.2.1 to 3.2.4
referring to the professionals known respectively by the acronyms:
a) URI, person or unit in charge of the electrical system;
b) RI, Person designated to run the electrical system;
c) URL, person or unit in charge of the implementation of the work;
d) PL, person responsible for the conduct of their work;

The Standard EN 50110 Exercise of the electrical systems Part 1: General requirements constitutes a revision of the previous edition in 2004, the same number. It has the following major technical amendments with respect to EN 50110-1: 2004-11:

- Improvement of the definitions of responsible persons and their level of responsibility and an example in Annex B;
- Addition of a section on emergency measures and a paragraph in Annex B;
- Add a paragraph on the danger from electric arc in Annex B;
- Updating of legal references and bibliography.