Annual updating course RLS

Update Annual Representative of Workers' Safety RLS Leg. 81/08 subsequent amendments and Agreement 128 of 07.07.2016

Date: 20th January 2017 - 9:00 am Location: Roma Eur

annual refresher course in accordance with D.Lgs.81 / 08 Article 37 and 128 of the Agreement 07/07/2016.

D.Lgs.81 / 08 Article 37
Training of workers and their representatives
10. The representative of the workers' safety is entitled to special training in health and safety concerning the specific risks existing in the areas in which its representation, such as to assure appropriate expertise on key risk control and prevention techniques themselves .
11. The procedures, duration and the specific content of the training of the workers' representative for safety are established in the national collective bargaining, in accordance with the following minimum content:
a) Community and national legal principles;
b) general and special legislation on health and safety at work;
c) the key players involved and the related obligations;
d) definition and identification of risk factors;
e) risk assessment;
f) identification of technical, organizational and procedural prevention and protection;
g) regulatory aspects of the workers' representative;
h) communication technology concepts.
The minimum course duration is 32 hours early, including 12 on the specific risks in the company and the consequent prevention and protection measures adopted, with learning occurs. The national collective bargaining regulates the obligation of periodic update mode, the duration of which may not be less than 4 hours per year for companies employing 15 to 50 workers and 8 hours per year for companies employing more than 50 workers.

Having a Society of Consulting support is for the company the ability to achieve and maintain legal compliance and being flanked in any type of inspection and monitoring by professionals able to respond efficiently and find the required documentation.