Circular economy

The ISO 59000 series standards have been published by ISO

Date: 30th May 2024 - 9:55 am

ISO 59004:2024
Circular economy - Vocabulary, principles and guidance for implementation

This document defines key terms, establishes a vision and principles for a circular economy, and gives guidance, including possible actions, for an organization to implement. It is applicable to organizations seeking to understand and commit or contribute to a circular economy while contributing to sustainable development. These organizations can be either private or public, acting individually or collectively, regardless of type or size, and located in any jurisdiction, or position within a specific value chain or value network.

ISO 59010:2024
Circular economy - Guidance on the transition of business models and value networks

This document gives guidance for an organization seeking to transition its value creation models and value networks from linear to circular. This document is applicable to any organization regardless of size, sector or region.

ISO 59020:2024
Circular economy - Measuring and assessing circularity performance

This document specifies requirements and gives guidance to organizations for measuring and assessing a defined economic system to determine their circularity performance at a specific time. Measurement and assessment are performed by the collection and calculation of data with the help of mandatory and optional circularity indicators. This document provides a framework to guide users within organizations of all types and sizes through the measurement and assessment process, including system boundary setting and choice of indicators, as well as processing and interpreting data in a consistent and reproducible manner to generate meaningful and verifiable results. The framework is applicable to multiple levels of an economic system, ranging from regional, interorganizational and organizational to the product level. To measure and assess social, environmental and economic impacts that are caused by the actions of the organization to achieve circular goals and objectives, the document provides a list of complementary methods that can be used in addition to this document.

ISO/TR 59032:2024
Circular economy - Review of existing value networks

This document reviews the characteristics and structures of some existing value networks as examples in accelerating a circular economy transition process. ISO 59010 gives guidance on a critical aspect in transitioning an organization's business model and processes from linear to circular and transforming an organization's business ecosystem into a value network. This document complements ISO 59010 by providing further information on value networks.