Deepening in the field Privacy Data Protection meeting

Deepening in the field Privacy Data Protection meeting

Date: 25th May 2017 - 9:30 am Location: Roma Eur

Deepening in the field Privacy Data Protection meeting
Data Protection and Senior Management functions: roles, responsibilities, and protections and new European regulation.
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The initiative is designed to ensure a valid opportunity for professional interaction with our representatives of the client companies.
Rapporteur Dr. Marco Trombadore: ASSO associated DPO and responsible development center south of the association. Chairman Examination Committee DPO skills certification (Bureau Veritas Spa certification scheme).
Privacy involves the discipline of large and small companies, public and private entities. It is also already in place the new European regulations (European Regulation) requiring companies to evaluate their tasks of managing privacy and plan ahead for the processes of adoption of new regulations.
The unsuitable management of tasks in this area can be a source of administrative sanctions and liability, civil and criminal for companies and their managers.
The meeting will be prone aims to provide an updated overview of the Protection given institutions in interconnection with other compliance areas that see the responsibilities of the company top management and to create a moment of reflection and internal debate on this issue.
Topics covered:

  • Reference to the regulatory principles of Privacy;
  • Functions and Roles Employee Privacy;
  • Proper management of interaction between subjects privacy;
  • Delegate, choose and supervise:
  • Proper management of proxies to apical support staff;
  • Proper management of external figures (service providers, consulting, technology);
  • The New European Regulation Principles and early indications;

Question time and debate.

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