NEW ISO 9001: 2015, the main novelties

The new ISO 9001: 2015 introduces the concepts of Risk Based Thinking and Risk Management, it requires you to define a context and analyze risks

Date: 12th November 2015 - 11:00 am

With Qu@ lity can computerize aspects of quality such as calibration, maintenance, management of performance indicators and all the control points related to plans and quality management of the product or service. Management improvement, the job descriptions, documentation and sharing of information becomes easy and fast. Qu @ lity is a form useful to simplify the system of quality management and full integration with all other systems / modules.

The software Vittoria is effective in planning all activities and obligations provided for by the rules, laws and management systems such as Quality, Environment, Health and Safety at Work 81 and OHSAS 18001, the Administrative Responsibility 231/01. Victory Risk Management System, is a Web Oriented management thought as System for Risk Management business.

MODULE ERM Enterprise Risk Management Victoria, management of business risk. With ERM Victory Rms is possible to build the scenery and understand the impact that financial risks, operational, strategic and pure can have on the business of an organization. What allows the ERM:

  • Build their business models; 
  • Represent and analyze the context in which the Organization operates;
  • Assessing financial risks, pure, strategic and operational;
  • Knowing the economic and financial impact that involves the risk to their organization;
  • Implement retention strategies and monitoring;
  • Represent and implement the resilience of the Organization;