S7 Summit: the G7 of Standardisation

The inaugural S7 Summit – organised by UNI during Italy’s G7 presidency

Date: 18th April 2024 - 10:00 am Location: Da remoto ed in presenza

S7 Summit: the G7 of Standardisation

How standards can support glocal social, green and digital policies:
the human-centric perspective of the G7 National Standards Organizations

Scuderie Palazzo Altieri, Piazza del Gesù, 49 – 00186 Roma
Thursday 18th April 2024
10:00-13.00 CEST

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The inaugural S7 Summit – organised by UNI during Italy’s G7 presidency – serves as the premier platform for open, voluntary, and consensus-based standards to engage with the G7. It encompasses the National Standards Organizations of G7 countries (Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom and USA) and issues recommendations on overarching themes impacting industry, SMEs, academia, research, consumers, trade unions, the third sector, and public administrations.

Standards Organizations will address stakeholders’ concerns regarding prevailing challenges on political agendas. They will consider decisions and commitments from the G7 Ministers of Industry Tech held in mid-March in Verona and Trento under the Italian G7 Presidency – and the legacy of the 2023 G7 Digital and Tech Ministers along with those from the G7 Hiroshima Leaders – providing responses based on existing knowledge and ongoing technical standards development.

Furthermore, they will offer insights into future work in technical standardisation across emerging fields like enabling technologies for industry, critical raw material sustainability, quantum technologies, and artificial intelligence.

The summit will be held in presence in Rome and streamed online.
To register for the online session: https://forms.office.com/e/8hBKvGZ0F4 

If you wish to take part in presence you have to make an application: https://forms.office.com/e/rQZg3E7U8K

Since the meeting room capacity is limited, we won’t be able to accept all applications. Please note: entrance will not be allowed without confirmation.

The simultaneous translation service from/to English and Italian will be provided.

More details will follow within the next weeks.